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Original blues, blues covers, Hank Williams and old school country covers
Original Music:
Line Dancing:
CD: Yes - Have it but haven’t listened yet...
Area: East/North East Pittsburgh

From Honky Tokin Blues to Hank Williams these guys are old school, raw and exciting to listen to. We’ve heard them several times at different places and each time was better than the last.

Standouts: Lead guitar - Dave Zielinski - what a player! Not only does he play guitar a la blues, but also plays a mean electric slide! Brian on upright is also outstanding (hope his fingers don’t wear off). His bass is probably one of the best uprights I have heard arond the area.

They also had a sax player named Eric at the last show - a real compliment to the band’s sound.

(Of course, the other guys are great as well.)

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