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Popular Country Covers
Original Music:
Line Dancing:
CD: No
Area: Generally East of Pittsburgh - Connellsville to Indiana to Whiteoak

This is my wife’s favorite country band. The music is basically popular country covers with a variety of “old favorites” and 80’s/90’s dance tunes thrown in for good measure. The result is usually a lot of enthusiastic dancing. The crowd mix mostly depends on the venue though there are also a number of regulars. There are generally at least a few line dancers at all the performances.

The musicians are great - they have three excellent lead vocalists (Babe, Brian and Bethany) that cover a huge range musically. Bethany has a wonderful voice and covers everything from Bonnie Tyler’s “It’s a Heartache” to Sugerland’s “Baby Girl.” Their sound has some sequencing (horns, etc.) mixed with the live playing which really enhances the final sound.

These guys are quite experienced and always put on a good show.

If you enjoy country dancing of any sort this is the band to see.

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